Guests Visitors

Many accommodation businesses do not permit visitors on to their premises.

At Coghill Cottages I allow guests to have visitors as long as visits are kept within reasonable limits. If you wish to have visitors please discus with me first.

Visitors are at my discretion, there may be occasions when visitors will be required to leave. 

If you wish to meet up with friends or family, who are not booked here, for more than a short time, you will need to work out a suitable venue, this could be at their home, the business where they are staying (check their policy) or at a public facility:  e.g the parks, the public pool or one of the many local cafes, pubs, clubs or restaurants.

Visitors' vehicles should be parked on the road.

** Dogs:  Only dogs booked in with guests are allowed on the property, visiting dogs are not allowed on the premises.**

**Pool:   Visitors are not permitted in the swimming pool area at any time.**



Additional overnight guests

**Units 4 and 5 are for a maximum of 2 guests.**

When my one bedroom units (4 and 5) are booked I often use the bigger units for one bedroom bookings so you may find you have spare rooms and beds.

If you are considering having visitors who require overnight accommodation please check with me prior to their arrival.  

If I am able to accommodate your visitors I will inform you what payment will be required and amend your invoice. 

In the unlikely event you are unable to check with me prior to your visitors arrival please see me at the earliest opportunity to make the required payment.

As you will appreciate the environment, facilities and amenities at Coghill Cottages are for the enjoyment of people who pay to stay here. They contribute to the very high costs of running a facility such as this and it is not fair on them, or me, if people take advantage of this business without contributing to its up-keep or my income.

In addition to Coghill Cottages being a business that needs to meet its financial obligations, and make a profit, it is not a public building. People are here by booking and there are important insurance, and other legal regulations I am required to adhere to.


November 2016