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Dogs at Coghill Cottages

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As you may know Coghill Cottages is the only truly dog friendly accommodation in Yarrawonga/Mulwala.

*** NEW ***

Units 1 ,2, 4 and 5 now have fenced enclosures where your dog can relax safely outside the unit.


Since I began taking dogs in 2006 it has become a very important and enjoyable part of my business and one I am keen to keep going. However I also have guests who do not like pets and I have to consider their comfort as well.

As a dog owner myself I am always very aware that other people may not like my dogs as much as I do so they are not allowed to mix with guests unless they specifically request it. Please make sure your dog is under your control at all times and does not bother other guests or their dogs.

Your dogs are very welcome at Coghill Cottages, although there may be times (especially during peak periods) when I am unable to accept dogs.

For everyone's comfort and safety please read the conditions below. Any questions please feel free to contact the manager.

  • Your dog is allowed inside units 1, 2, 4 and 5 (Unit 3 is dog free).
  • Dog $5 per night
  • Additional dogs by arrangement (additional $5 per night per dog) Please contact the manager with details of any dog you wish to bring.
  • Please bring your dogs bed or blanket.
  • For everyone's safety please make sure your pets' vaccinations and health card are up to date.
  • it is most important that your dog is on a lead or inside the fenced area on your unit at all times while on the property.
  • Please make sure your dog wears a collar, complete with its name tag at all times while on the property.
  • Please pick up all dog dropping as soon as possible.
  • Dogs are not permitted inside the pool area.
  • If your dog has a tendency to bark please make sure someone is in control of it at all times, excessive noise is disturbing to other guests and neighbours and cannot be allowed.
  • In the unlikely event your dog causes damage please report it to the manager, payment for damage will be required.

We look forward to meeting you and your dog in the near future.

Come and meet the locals. Some great walking tracks around the lake and Chinamans Island (above)

Yarrawonga / Lake Mulwala

Coghill Cottages are situated in the lakeside town of Yarrawonga about 150m from lake Mulwala foreshore with its swimming enclosure, water slides, lake cruises and boat ramp. Only 5 minutes walk to the town centre of Yarrawonga with supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and other amenities close by. The Murray River flows into Lake Mulwala and is famous for its river beacjhes and the Muray Cod. Anglers and water skiers from all over Australia come to Lake Mulwala and Yarrawonga is an ideal place to stay. Coghill Cottages have modern self-contained units with plenty of parking on site for the car and boat if required. All cottages have separate laundry facilities as well as all the usual facilities. We have just installed a wireless internet system which means that visitors can bring their own (wireless capable) laptop computers and access their e-mail on-site. All cottages have their own BBQ facilities and their is a swimming pool on site for guests to share. Call Coghill Cottages in Yarrawonga on (03) 5744 2271

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