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UK to Yarrawonga via New Zealand.

Auckland, New Zealand, Christmas 2004 ‘that’s it’ Chris said I’m going to Australia !!!

So with some help from she decided to investigate an area she had never visited before – The Murray.

A few months later on her way back to Albury to fly back to Auckland, having seen several business properties that didn’t fit the bill, she stopped in Yarrawonga for breakfast.

It looked such a pretty place she walked into the agents and asked if there were any motels for sale. ‘nope’ he said ‘but there are some holiday units’.

Armed with a tourist street map Chris drove around to Coghill Street.

Suspecting she looked like a crazy English woman who had had too much sun she took the owner (Rhonda) by surprise and asked to have a look around. Rhonda laughed and happily agreed.

There it was a great home on ˝ acre, 2 minutes walk from a beautiful lake and just a stroll to a town offering somewhere different for lunch everyday for a fortnight, 3 large comfortable units, a swimming pool – this could be it.

So as well as breakfast Chris also bought Loughaven Units.

Then it was all on – back to NZ, to sell an existing home maintenance business, lots of garage sales. In late June 2005, Chris and her two dogs had one-way tickets to Australia.

Now, two months later the three of them are almost settled in.

There has been a name change to Coghill Cottages, a web site has been published, new furniture and DVD players have been added. Wireless broadband Internet access is in place so things are ready to roll.

Chris has more improvements planned for 2006. She also hopes to be adding a couple of studios to offer guests more accommodation choices.

Being new to the tourist industry Chris is approaching her first season with a mixture of trepidation and excitement.

She is looking forward to meeting people from all over Australia as well as visitors from overseas and hopes to help make their stay in the beautiful town of Yarrawonga comfortable, happy and memorable.

September 2005

For one, two or three bedroom accommodation

Telephone: (03) 5744 2271

6 Coghill Street, Yarrawonga
VIC 3730


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Yarrawonga / Lake Mulwala

Coghill Cottages are situated in the lakeside town of Yarrawonga about 150m from lake Mulwala foreshore with its swimming enclosure, water slides, lake cruises and boat ramp. Only 5 minutes walk to the town centre of Yarrawonga with supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and other amenities close by. The Murray River flows into Lake Mulwala and is famous for its river beacjhes and the Muray Cod. Anglers and water skiers from all over Australia come to Lake Mulwala and Yarrawonga is an ideal place to stay. Coghill Cottages have modern self-contained units with plenty of parking on site for the car and boat if required. All cottages have separate laundry facilities as well as all the usual facilities. We have just installed a wireless internet system which means that visitors can bring their own (wireless capable) laptop computers and access their e-mail on-site. All cottages have their own BBQ facilities and their is a swimming pool on site for guests to share. Call Coghill Cottages in Yarrawonga on (03) 5744 2271

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